Grant Readiness Information

Make Sure You Are Grant Ready!

Make sure you are grant ready! 
Have a standard list of materials put together:

  • 501 (c) (3) determination letter from the IRS (and renewals and updates)
  • Brochures, agency publications, newsletters, Annual Report
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)/ tax ID #
  • Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) # and National Information Management System (NIMS) registration
  • Evaluation, outcomes, performance measures
  • Future funding statement for sustainability (including list of pending proposals and/or awarded grants)
  • History of organization including year established, number and qualifications of staff, programs, mission, values/ philosophy, awards, stories/testimonials, accreditations/certifications
  • Calendar of Events
  • List of Board of Directors/ Trustees members and officers, titles, affiliations, contact info
  • Volunteer data
  • List of management staff and contact Information
  • Map of target area and demographics of those served
  • Minutes of Board meetings and resolutions for past year
  • Most recent audit
  • Most recent financial statement
  • Current Fund Development Plan
  • Current Strategic Plan and Business Plan
  • Table of Organization/ flow-chart
  • Current project and organization budgets with budget narratives
  • Recent newspaper clippings, evaluations or reviews
  • Resumes and/or job descriptions of current and/or proposed staff
  • Sample letters of support/commitment
  • Target population, demographics & needs (“best-practice models” or “evidence-based”)
  • Mission and vision statements
  • Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Logic Models for programs
  • NEW 990 FORM information re: governance and fundraising (
  • registration for all federal grants (Central Contractor Registration needs renewed annually)

  1. Have realistic goals with defined roles and responsibilities.
  2. Set defined dates and deadlines that are well in advance of the actual submission deadline.
  3. Have written materials prepared for your consultant that clearly articulate the purpose of your project.
  4. Negotiate a contract with appropriate termination clauses.