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How to Hire a Grants Professional

Hiring a grants professional was once likened to hiring a painter -- anyone can paint a house, right?  Yet, as grants professionals we bring a number of skill sets to the table that are learned through experience.  For example: 
  • Research – We know which databases to use in both finding potential funders and in terms of using data to document the need for a specific program or service.
  • Writing – We know how important the guidelines are and follow them to the "T."  We have the experience of writing concisely, compassionately, and with a unifying argument that illustrates need and how the services achieve specific and measurable outcomes.
  • Program Development – We often work with agency program staff to further refine and define program goals, objectives and outcomes.
  • Evaluation – We have completed logic models and outcome schematics in a variety of different formats and often work with agency staff to simplify the evaluation strategy so that it is responsive and achievable.
When searching for a grants professional, we encourage you to identify a candidate who is credentialed (GPC – see, experienced, who is committed to a Code of Ethics, and who you believe meets your needs.  Whether you select a consultant from our membership or another list, we encourage you to: